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Cardiotrack Consult - A Complete COVID19 Susceptibility Test Platform

In the wake of COVID19 pandemic, it is critical to be responsible and maintain social distancing. We all have to make sure that our co-workers are taking enough precautions against COVID19 spread. Cardiotrack Consult helps organisations to help susceptible employees methodically with proper support and care.

Quick COVID19 Susceptibility Test with Access to a Doctor Within 60 Seconds
Thermal Screen Employees at the Entrance. Conduct a Quick Susceptibility Test Followed by a Doctor Consultation
Complete Online Platform for Quick Susceptibility Test, Compliance and Adherence to Best Practices Like Social Distancing, Immediate Access to a Certified Doctor and Prescription.

Cardiotrack Consult Android Application Key Features

  • Quickly assess COVID19 susceptibility score.
  • Keep a track of your employee's health through periodic tests.
  • Connect to a physician within 60 seconds for a quick consult.
  • Get a signed prescription on the app immediately after the consultation.

Cardiotrack helps corporate management and it's employees to stay safe and COVID19 free through periodic preventive thermal screening, risk assessments and compliance to best practices at homes and at offices.

Deploy Cardiotrack COVID19 Susceptibility Platform For Your Employees Today

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